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. Welcome to How to Buy and Sell Foreclosures!

Recent news about Foreclosures indicated that there is still time to purchase,sell,and profit from Foreclosed homes. News also indicates that there is a 3 year supply of Foreclosed homes still out there,called a "shadow" inventory.

This site is designed to provide FREE information, advice, and direction for Investors, Property managers, Rental Property Owners and First Time Home Buyers, in order to successfully buy and sell Foreclosed and distressed Homes.

I’m Jon Porrey, Businessman, Realtor, Entrepreneur, Husband, Father and Grandfather. In the past 40 years I have strived to do it all! Cook, Truck driver, Warehouse Foreman, Produce Buyer, Sales and Sales Supervision, Franchisee, Musician, Realtor, Property management, Volunteer and House Flipper.

I have worked for Major Brands, Major Local Distributors, been a Franchisee, and have bought and flipped many homes, operated & owned Rental Properties and have been a REALTOR for 14+ years. I have grown to realize that there can be no greater satisfaction in realizing your OWN profits for the hard work and personal experience you put into a venture, no matter what that may be.

Again may I stress, the purpose of this Web Site is to provide FREE information about buying & selling foreclosed and distressed properties, and also if you have the mind and consternation, to be a rental property owner. This information will hopefully help you to:

1. Home Finding Tips

2. Real Estate Foreclosures

3. Property Inspections

a. Exteriors

b. Interiors

c. Floor Plans

4. Making a Profit!

5. Use a Real Estate Professional or not?

6. Buying a Home

7. Financing and Taxes

8. Rental Property Ownership and Property Management

There are helpful videos on each page, that will also help to inform you about the world of home ownership and property investing.

With the recent problems with Bank Financing and finding affordable housing, RENTALS will become in the next few years a PRIME way to provide income to investors. Everyone needs a place to live, so we will be building a section to give advice on all areas of rental property ownership and management and doing it with a Foreclosure possibly

Plus more information on Financing, Loan types, testimonials,Doing your own repairs or not, contractors, and dealing with issues such as mold, lead paint and pet odors, etc.

We will also be allowing members of this site to describe their own successes and (hopefully not too many) even failures in their home buying and selling experience. I do realize that many of you may be from different parts of the country and from different states where laws may vary, but the information provided on this web site will help you determine if investing in real estate for profit or for rental purposes may fit you.

My partner in all this is my wife of 38 years. People say, how can you live and work with your wife? I tell them, when I am working upstairs, she’s downstairs. We know our roles and it works out for greater independence for both of us. Enjoy!

Jon Porrey