What to look For

Bathrooms as I have stated before, are some of the most important rooms in the home. Remember this Room, when you are done should be one that YOU want to use! Here too, flooring is important, is it vinyl, tile, laminate, etc., already, then check the condition, how can you make it look like new. Many times a new piece of vinyl, which can be bought to size, not only brightens up the room but makes it look clean! How are the fixtures, tub/shower, and cabinet? Do any of them need replacing?

Many times a tub can be brightened up with a new tub enclosure, which can be fairly easy to install. Or check the cabinet, especially inside underneath, as here is where old leaks will show their damage. Sometimes baths are too small to have small cabinets. If the sink is stained, the fixtures rusty or show mineral deposits from hard water, replace them. Check the fixtures, the medicine cabinet, (if there is one), the caulking around tub, shower, sinks, all should be replaced if showing signs of mildew, staining, etc. First the Bathrooms, Next Kitchens

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Inspecting the Bath of a Foreclosed Home (Free Video)

Cabinets, Fixtures, Lights

Cabinets & Light Fixtures

Like the cupboards in the kitchen, cabinets in this room can be refinished if unsightly, putting on new handles, putting in a new sink with new faucet, all shiny and new. Go out and buy new light fixtures, unless you really find the old ones in great shape and attractive.

Tubs can be re-glazed if necessary, and some can be painted with the correct material. Even new wall tile around a tub can be installed, or the old can be re-grouted. All goes towards making this room a highlight of the home.

And check the plugs, are they GFCI, if not, replace with new GFCI Plugs.

As you can see much time, effort and money can go into a bath, but again like the kitchen this will “SELL” a home or cause a prospective buyer to turn away. If you need help, there are qualified Bathroom Contractors available.

What would you change here?

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