What to Consider when Inspecting

Bedrooms play an important role in attracting a buyer to your property. Granted, today’s customer thinks that all these rooms now should be huge and have a private bath, but usually and especially in regards to first time buyers, they can’t afford the home that these come with. Yet, Size is important! If when you are purchasing a home, and remember 3+ Bedroom homes are the more desirable, check the actual room size, and also check to see if they have closets. In the past if a Room didn’t have closets, they weren’t counted as such, and if they didn’t have heat sources, they also were even counted as living space, which is important especially when you get a pending offer and the FHA appraiser comes through and eliminates your finished floor area down by the size of that room that doesn’t have a heat source.

Going on, like the living room, check the walls, ceilings, trim. Fix any holes; replace any doors with holes in them also. Check the flooring. I will say it again and again, unless you think the flooring is absolutely in BRAND NEW condition replace it. Do it with carpet, laminate, whatever you have become skilled in using. It too can make or break your sale.

Heat Sources- check to see if there is a register for heat. If not, how difficult would it be to have a HVAC Contractor run a new heat line to this room? Sometimes they can be run up through the wall or through a closet. If all of this seems too much of an expense and dependant on the heating source for your home, I have on a number of occasions run an electric line from the box (with a new circuit breaker) up through the walls and even outside running through conduit to an upstairs bedroom in order to install an electric baseboard heater. If you do this though, be sure to put one in that has a thermostat for individual control. That will solve the heat source problem in any room in a house.

Inspecting a Bedroom of a Foreclosure (Free Video)

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Sometimes an FHA Appraiser will discount a supposed room that does not have a closet. But also to yourself think about this, how important are closets in rooms to you and your family? After answering that question, check out the room size. In the beginning, when we talked about floor plans, bedrooms, etc., one of the considerations was room size.

If you have a home with an 8x8 Sleeping area, (Boy, now that’s small!), and it has no closet, I would start to call it a closet, because its not really a bedroom. You might want to re-think buying a home with Too small of Sleeping areas!

Anyway, that too can be resolved fairly easily. I have built closets in a number of older homes. Framed them out a minimum of 24-32” deep and 4’ wide minimum for a single closet and 7’ wide minimum for a double. This gives you enough room for a single 30” door on the single and room for a 6’ door on a double. It all depends again on the size of the room. You will probably have to take out and reinstall trim and put in the door. But match it up as best you can with the room. Bedrooms rate just below Bathrooms in Importance!


Paint it with neutral flat latex colors and a coordinating semi-gloss latex paint on the trim. If the natural wood is present and in good shape, leave it alone. A new light fixture here too, adds a nice finishing touch!

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