What should I be looking for ?

As was mentioned on another page Kitchens and baths, if you are going to be re-selling your foreclosure, are the two most important rooms on the inside of the home. For Ms. Housewife they are the two types of rooms that will really grab their attention. Your Ad Here

Inspecting the Kitchen of a Foreclosure (Free Video)

After inspecting the Kitchens be sure to check out the Baths.


First of all check floors, cupboards and fixtures. Floors should be shiny and new, whether you decide on Vinyl, laminate or tile. An old porcelain sink, chipped and stain with a leaky faucet turns buyers off. Replace with Stainless steel, get a new faucet, and while you’re doing that check the plumbing under the sink. Is the drain leaking, or are the water pipes leaking. If they are they probably have caused damages, that can either be repaired or replaced.

This goes also for countertops. Stains, worn spots, cracks, bubbles in the Formica all are signs that these need replacing. Its not that hard to do! Many home product suppliers such as Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, etc., have available special order counter tops made to the length you need. Removal of the old may involve getting into the cupboards, but you can do it. Many come with backsplashes that go up a few inches, which saves the need for installing Formica on the backsplash.


Cupboards can be saved, if not, this can add tremendously to your costs. Most cupboards I have seen, unless they were put in decades ago, can be refinished by either stain, paint or purchased front plates. Look at the hardware. What would they look like with new finish and new handles?

Use your imagination. I have Kilzed old cupboards and then repainted them with a gloss or semi-gloss paint, replaced the handles and all of a sudden they look like brand new. Saving you a great expense!


In regards to Flooring, if you do it yourself, and with a little study and research you’ll find out that most can do it, you’ll not only learn a great skill, but again save money that goes towards our profit! One caution here is not to forego putting in a new subfloor. Many a floor has had it’s problems in the future by not putting in a new sub-floor before installing new vinyl, etc. If you go for the vinyl that comes in 12” by 12” size, be sure you put them in properly. I would not recommend them in that they look ‘cheap’ especially when you can readily see the lines. Besides in water areas including baths, they will begin to curl up when soaked by an accidental spillage of liquid.

Light Fixtures

Why not put in a new light fixture, one with brass, silver, or even gloss white finish. Make it a ceiling fan, especially if the kitchen contains an eating area. When painting the walls, always use gloss or semi-gloss Latex Paint. Neutral colors work the best and White in Kitchens and baths create a “clean feel” to the Room. And make sure that all plugs that are adjacent to the counter tops are GFCI, (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter). This is a safety issue to care for and also what FHA inspectors look for.

What would you do with this Kitchen?