Landscaping - Is it Important?

Landscaping How important? Even with Foreclosures don't deny the importance of Curb Appeal- that’s what will get a potential buyer inside of a home and Landscaping does play a definitive role. Look at the pics that are provided on this page and think about what makes one photo superior to the other. In most cases extensive landscaping may not be needed, only trimming and cleaning up.

Don’t allow shrubs, bushes, whatever, to overpower and obscure the look of the front of your home from the street view. If shrubs, bushes or trees are TOO big, get rid of them!

Yet you can see from these views that it’s not always necessary to take drastic action. Make sure windows are unobstructed. Also keep sidewalks, other walkways and doorways very clear so as to appear almost spacious.

If bushes, shrubs, etc. are too big and overgrown to deal with or even trim, then remove them all and virtually start over. Making new flower or shrub beds wider to allow room in between the house and the shrubs you have planted, filling these new beds with mulch, wood chips, stone with a plastic base to control weeds, will also give your home a fresh new look. When it comes to plants, buy what’s readily available and cheap!

Don’t buy annuals that need to be watered continually, load up with perennials, especially just before you list it for sale. Even a well placed hanging basket of flowers on a front porch can be a pleasing draw to passersby. All the Landscaping does is add to the appeal of the Exterior!

Look at the Before & After Below, Not much Done but.........Before-

and After???..........


Depending on where you are located, you can either go for the natural feel, especially in the south and southwest, but in the Mid West and NE Central US, you will probably need a lawn. If it’s patchy, re-seed bare spots.

Edge Sidewalks; get weeds out of cracks in sidewalk. BE careful with your “Round-up”, you don’t want to kill what you have. Trim a long grass. Make it almost look like your own home. Women especially, (WIVES included) should be consulted, just WATCH your Pocket book!

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Landscaping Tip: How to trim Bushes & Trees (Free Video)

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