What to look for when you Inspect

When examining living rooms, it would be best to do some of the same inspections as you may have done for the baths and kitchen. Repair all holes, (disgruntled home owners always take their frustration out on the walls and doors, in ceilings, floors and walls. Check flooring, if hard wood, does it need refinishing, if carpet does it need replacing. A note about carpet, is to in most all cases, replace it. Most likely it’s stained has wear marks, or de-threading by doorways, and the pad, if there were spills or dog/cat accidents, will always smell.

I knew of one man who bought a foreclosure that the people had cats all through the house. They tore out the carpeting and put it out by the road for trash pickup. Believe it or not, someone picked it up for their home. Anyway the smell of cat urine was so pervasive that they “Kilzed” all the floors in the house to seal in the odors present. Hopefully your home won’t have that same degree of damage but again, you want this home to be RTMI! Ready to Move In! condition.

Also with the inexpensive laminates that are available, even looking like hardwood floors and more, it may be advisable to put laminates in most rooms in a home. Many people today are allergy and mold conscious and these flooring options give them a “clean” sense to the rooms they look at. Living Rooms are an integral part of Interiors also.
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Inspecting the Living/Dining Room of a Foreclosure (Free Video)

What about Paint?

In selecting colors, use flat latex paints, and neutral colors. Don’t always use white, unless its for the trim then I would suggest using a Latex semi-gloss on the trim with and egg-shell white, or some other very light earth-tone, flat paint on the walls. Buy a 5 gallon bucket of ceiling white and freshen up the ceiling with it. You can use that in most of your other rooms.

Check plug outlet covers, if they would match up well with your room, replace them with a matching color to your walls and/or trim. All in all, and may I repeat this again, Make your living room look like new, even if you are working with a older home, when you make it look RTMI or as if its never been lived in before, you will have success in selling it!

Before and ???????

AFTER!!!! Did the changes make a Difference?