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Can you Clean a Composite Shingle Roof?

Roof Cleaning, Is it worth it? In your search for a Foreclosed, bank-owned, or short-sale home to either buy for yourself, flip, or turn into a rental property, you will come across a fairly new home that is discolored or has moss, or in some other way is a bit unsightly from the street level. Are there safe and easy ways to clean this surface to make it look like new again? Now if the existing one is quite aged, then a replacement may be necessary, but this may be a quick fix for you! A Friend of mine who has been a contractor for 30 years said it can be done easily, but first of all you, ( or a friend who doesn’t hate heights) need to be comfortable to do this work on your own. He suggested that all you need is to put together a 20% solution of Water and bleach, when using a garden sprayer, spray down the surface. Then scrub down the material with a soft bristle (so as not to tear away the surface of the shingle, if composite) push broom and then rinse it off. TO prevent algae re-growing on a surface material, some have installed zinc strips or thin strands of copper wire to keep it away. Other than that, there are products out there being sold as roof shampoos that may come in handing. See the Video below about Shampoos.

Chlorine Solution Washes

Chlorine bleach solution application requires a lot less rinsing than the two other methods, thereby allowing a cleaning procedure of shorter duration. One good consequence of a quicker process is less wear and tear for the surface.

However, chlorine can be toxic to some people and plants, so care should be exercised to protect employees or residents, as well as the property itself, from spray runoffs. Asphalt shingle materials are particularly well adapted to this type of cleaning.

Sodium Hydroxide-Based Cleaning

This type of cleaning method can be very effective at degreasing roofs. However, this cleaning method takes a much longer time than chlorine bleach washing because the sodium hydroxide needs to be thoroughly rinsed. As a consequence, the surface becomes more at risk for being damaged. A force of 100 psi is enough to wash away the cleaning solution on asphalt shingles, but the force is enough to cause some asphalt granules to get washed away during the rinsing process. Advertisements claim that sodium hydroxide is safe to use, but it can actually be toxic. Thus, make sure that the solution does not run off or come into contact with people, plants and anything in the surrounding area during the application and rinsing process. In addition, sodium hydroxide is corrosive so any residues left can damage the existing surfaces, particularly those that are made of asphalt shingles.

Pressure Washing

If you have a concrete, barrel tile or metal material, you can clean it by power washing. Power washing does not involve the use of chemicals, which makes power washing an environment-friendly method of cleaning. However, power washing is rather time consuming and can put more strain on the existing surface. If you have coated tiles, the thin layer of coloring can be easily washed away by power washing. If you have a concrete surface, power washing will bring out the concrete's natural gray color, and this could mean that you will have to paint or stain it afterwards While Roof Cleaning may solve one issue the whole exterior needs to be considered!

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